Welcome to my brain: current events

Posted on Oct 17, 2023

A black & white comic in a sketchy style.  Panel one: Puppit, a skinny cartoon character with a large oval head, shaggy short hair and glasses, is wearing a bathrobe and holding a warm beverage in one hand and looking at their phone in the other. A thought balloon says “I’ve been kind of avoiding the news lately, let’s see what’s up.” A sound effect comes from their phone: “bip”.  Panel two: A barrage of words in different fonts is beamed at their face like a lightning bolt. The texts read “Bombs, fascism, conflict escalating, general bigotry, hot autumns in your area, islamophobia, antisemitism, trans people: are they human? Science questioned, man-made horrors, all new book bans, war crimes, nuclear threats, slave labour in your fish!” Inbetween these phrases and words occasional flashes reading “advertisement!” show.  Panel three: Puppit is staring horrified into space, their hair standing straight up, appearing frozen except for the small “bop” sound effect, indicating they turned off their phone.

Been feeling a bit like that dog from the “this is fine” meme for the last couple years. I hope times will get a little less interesting soon.

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