Werewolf jaw

Posted on Jul 19, 2023

Two pictures side by side of a small red wolf doll head in grey clay, not fully detailed yet and without eyes. On the first picture the head is seen slightly from above at a roughly 30 degree angle with the mouth wide open. On the second picture the head is shown in a hand, positioned to be viewed directly from the front with the mouth halfway open.

A set of 4 pictures of the same small wolf doll head in grey clay. The head is still a little rough, not smoothly sanded, and doesn’t sport any ears, eyes or teeth. The first two pictures show the head from below, one where the hinged jaw is closed and one where it’s open. The third and fourth picture show the head from the side, again one with the jaw closed and one where it’s open.

Quick update on the red wolf head: hinged jaw now fully operational, next up is final detailing of the nose, ears, and fur.

I hope to find a way to obscure the little neck piece visible through the mouth some more: unfortunately I couldn’t move the hinge further back or the jaw wouldn’t be able to open to its current maximum range.

Luckily it’s only bothersome when viewing the head directly from the front with the jaw open at maximum (last picture is halfway open), tilt it a little and it gets hidden by the snout or cheeks (second-to-last picture).

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