Welcome to my brain: Wartime

Posted on Mar 3, 2022

(Look at that, only a week late. I am generally not a quick artist. I like to process stuff a bit, first.)

War, disease, fascism, disaster… These sure are some Times.

To all my friends, colleagues, clients, and just fellow humans living through yet another historical event… I wish you all lots of strength, lots of luck, lots of justice, and hopefully in the end, still lots of overall happiness.

I’ll be donating to organizations that might help with that.

And clearing out my guest room, just in case someone needs a place to stay- wherever they’re from.

To my fellow Europeans: while it’s understandable that something hits a little closer to home when it is literally closer to your home, you might have more of a personal connection, and maybe feel like in this case, you might actually be able to DO something, which is great: let’s not abandon those further away, either.

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