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Posted on Jun 14, 2020

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It took me a bit to get my thoughts in order on this subject and find the right words.

I hope my customers all take the time to listen to black people and other discriminated groups, investigate their own thought processes and make positive changes.

Resources against racism:

Transcript of comic:

I’m white. Now, as a cartoon character, I could be any colour. And I don’t mind if readers like to think of me as their own colour if that helps them relate somehow. But speaking as my creator, the person I’m based on, I’m white. And as such, will never fully grasp what it’s like NOT to be white.

And I’m almost certainly racist. Maybe not “severly”, maybe not all the time, maybe not intentionally- But there are bound to be biased patterns in my head. Because like any person, I am a product of the environment I grew up in, and I grew up pink-skinned in a country that benefitted greatly from colonialism.

No matter what other struggles or disadvantages I may face- My skin colour will never make it WORSE.

When it comes to things like this (image of black lives matter flag) I’m not sure what to do.

I want to help, but as a white-owned company just using #BlackLivesMatter seems empty. I’ve even seen other companies use it as a marketing strategy. I don’t want to latch onto human tragedy for exposure.

I even doubted if I should comment or do a comic at all. It’s not my voice that needs to be listened to. I’m not the focus group. But I shouldn’t stay quiet either, as though it doesn’t concern me.

I tried to think of ways to use my skill set to amplify the voices of others without it coming off as self-promotion. (thoughts:) Hold a sale and donate the profit? But I’m already screwing myself over financially on a regular basis as a freelancer. Sculpt some kind of doll accessories of black cultural origin? I know too little, that would just result in stereotyping or appropriation. Ask a black artist for a collaboration project? But would that be to make THEM happy, or ME? When does showing support become “scoring woke points”?

But I still haven’t found a good way. So I’m just doing whatever I think may help while trying to remain moderately sane. (describing depicted actions:) Trying to explain to white friends why insisting on #AllLivesMatter is kind of like refusing to help saving the rainforest because #AllTreesMatter. “Yes but these riots-” Mate, have you ever been bullied and ignored for years until you snapped? Attend protest. Reading articles on institutionalized racism and “traditions” in my own country. Reading personal stories by people of colour. Sharing links. Icon on black. Running donate-the-ad-money-videos on the background while working.

Including doing a comic- Even if I’m still worried it’s just White Guilt looking for validation. Because while I don’t want attention for ME, I do think it’s important to call attention TO. It’s paradoxal, but I do feel like I should roughly explain where Puppit Productions stands on this matter. However clumsy or insignificant. You never know if it might make a difference.

One clueless little bee can’t take down a hornet. (image of one bee looking nervously at giant hornet) But a whole swarm? Now we’re talking. (whole swarm looking menacingly at giant hornet) (swarm: Yo, you wanna fuck off? Hornet: oh shit)

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