SD wheelchair photoshoot

Posted on Jun 8, 2019

Fully functioning, foldable wheelchair for SD sized (55-70 cm) Ball Jointed Dolls, with swivelling front wheels, (latex) rubber tires, and height-adjustable foot rest & handles by Puppit Productions.

Prizes start at €270  Custom colours/adjustments/additions possible, find all the info you need here or shoot me a message! Facebook is quickest if you want to reach me! Limited spots available for 2019.

Dolls featured: Emma (curly ginger): Doll in Mind Lestia Bailey (blonde): Fairyland Feeple 60 Shushu owned by Evelien/Evsdolls (insta)

Amber (straight red): Delf Lishe Victor (fuzzy dark): Blossomdoll Anthurium on April Story body owned by Amber-Kyou (flickr)

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