Custom foldable & adjustable SD Wheelchair

Posted on Jun 8, 2019

Custom foldable & adjustable SD Wheelchair with additional backside decoration & safety harness, made for Nate from Russia.

Story behind the chair: The character of the doll it is intended for is an ex-Navy Seal with the codename Icebreaker. She was hurt in battle and has occasional seizures. Thus a wheelchair with metallic ice colours, safety harness, Navy Seals slogan, American flag and a seal silhouette (the actual US Navy logo is an eagle. Client & I agreed this was a huge missed opportunity that needed to be rectified).

Doll model: Bailey (Fairyland Feeple60 Shushu, owned by Evelien/Evsdolls)

Want a wheelchair for your doll too? Shoot me a message (Facebook is quickest)! Or find all the info you need in this post.

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