First SD-sized BJD wheelchairs finished

Posted on Jun 7, 2019

The first SD-sized BJD wheelchairs are finally finished and orders are OPEN! 

Due to the adjustable foot rest & back handles they should fit any normally proportioned Ball Jointed Doll between 55-70 cm.

The human dolls shown in the pictures are both roughly 60 cm (23.6 inch), the fox is about 53 cm (20.9), and due to her anthro proportions she appears a tad small for the chair.

Custom colours of both frame & tires are possible, as well as any special additions, decorations or adjustments, such as safety harnesses, prints, or silicone instead of latex tires- just shoot me a message!

**Facebook **is quickest (I’m not on tumblr under this account that much), Deviantart & e-mail ( are also an option! As of 7 june 2019 we’re still working on a proper website.

Available in:

JUNK CAST VERSION   € 270 The budget option for those with more time & skill than money. You will receive the rough casts fresh out of the mould and the un-sanded, un-drilled metal pipes along with bolts, nuts & magnets, instructions for assembly and patterns for the fabric pieces. You will have to trim, sand, paint & assemble the parts yourself, as well as find suitable fabric & foam. Tires are not included in this version. Want tires? Add €15 for standard grey, white or black ones or €25 for custom colours.

DIY VERSION    €320 For the model builders who like to do their own painting thankyouverymuch. You will receive the finished, smooth casts along with the finished metal pipes, bolts, nuts & magnets. Instructions & patterns are included, as well as fabric (black), foam & standard colour tires (grey, white or black). _Want custom coloured tires? Add  €15. _

STANDARD VERSION    €480 The no-fuss, no-nonsense edition. All black , fully assembled. Tires are included: you can still pick white, black or grey. Want custom coloured tires? Add €15.

CUSTOM    €500 and up The sky is the limit! Fully assembled chair in whatever colour scheme you want, including the tires & fabric (provided I can find the right kind). Want that thing in steampunk style? Neon with LEDs? Transparent? Hit me up and we’ll see what’s possible.

Want any other combination, for instance a JUNK version but with fabric included? Or maybe patterns & buckles for a harness/seatbelt? Talk to me, I’m sure we can work something out.


I can only make so much per year, so assuming everybody wants their thing by Christmas, I’m only opening this much for 2019:

CUSTOM- 1 place (proviso- whether I can finish before Christmas depends on the extent of your wishes)

STANDARD- 1 place (might become 2 if CUSTOM doesn’t get filled before October)

DIY- 2 places

JUNK- 3 places

Dolls featured:

Neva (fox): Puppit Productions Neva the Snowfox (belongs to me)

Bailey (blonde): Fairyland Feeple 60 Shushu (belongs toEvelien/evsdolls)

Amber (red): Delf Lishe (belongs to Amber-Kyou)

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