BJD wheelchair WIP: painting compilation

Posted on Feb 16, 2019

Prepping, priming & painting of the BJD wheelchair (SD size)


Difference between a gradient done in pure black & red metallic car lacquer (Hyundai berry red) and that same colourway after a few layers of transparent coating.

All parts for 2 chairs fully coated!

Example parts: Half a frame (black), front wheels in holder, and back wheels (without tires or handle rings) in high contrast black/metallic ice blue & gradient black/metallic berry red colour schemes. Shown on top of the fabrics that make up the seating & cushions for each colourway.

This (foldable!) wheelchair is meant for ball jointed dolls in the range of 55-70 cm tall, has adjustable handles & foot rest, rubber tires and swivelling front wheels.

The back of the right big wheel of each chair features individually hand-sculpted vignettes in epoxy clay, bearing my signature & a serial number.

My own (gradient red-black colourway) is number 000, first one to go to a client (in ice blue & black colourway) is 001.

The placement, high detail & uniqueness should make it easier to spot any potential fakes/copies (Let’s hope it won’t be necessary though).

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