BJD wheelchair WIP: crossbeam design

Posted on Oct 11, 2018

It’s been a year in the making, but it’s finally coming together!

Design, development, moulding, casting, fitting of the new cross beam support system for the SD-sized BJD wheelchair & full test assembly of all finished parts.

The old system proved a pain in the ass to install and not as solid as I had hoped, so I needed to revise. The plus side to that: The chair is now easier to assemble, sturdier, aaaand… can be FOLDED! :D

Test assembly pictured without the fabric seating (wood scraps are just to rest the dummy on something), rubber tires, and metal wheel grips.

The chair can be painted in various colours, and the foot rest & back handles are adjustable in height. The entire chair is about 13 inches/ 33 cm tall and should fit most dolls between 55-70 cm.

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BJD Bjd Wheelchair Wip Ball Jointed Doll Doll Wheelchair Puppit Productions I'm So Happy This Is Finally Working! Workshop Shots
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