Posted on Sep 5, 2018

The biggest mould I made thus far: The back wheel of the BJD wheelchair.

I wanted to prevent having to use insane amounts of silicone (because that stuff is EXPENSIVE), so I had to do quite a bit of prepping to follow the form of the original as much as I could, while still having the mould be sturdy and thick enough all around.

All “walls” are kept in place and sealed shut with eye putty/ poster buddy.

I almost always cast silicone moulds in layers, to make sure there are no trapped bubbles in unfortunate places.

Before the last layer was poured on, I filled up some empty space with heavy construction cardboard & bits of old mould to get encapsulated into the mould. Another nice trick to save silicone.

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Top to bottom: Levelling the mould, casting the resin, sanding the seamlines and matting the surface for painting later, and lastly, the complete wheel (along with its centre piece)!

These babies are about 24 cm/ 9.4 inch in diameter and take about 370 ml/ 12.5 oz of resin, so they’re quite heavy, but I think the frame can take it.

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