BJD wheelchair WIP: frame mould compilation

Posted on Aug 28, 2018

The last mould for the #BJDwheelchair ! The frame.

Pictured (top to bottom and left to right): 1- Prototype fitted inside the moulding frame, a base layer of silicone rubber already poured in, and the frame fitted with casting points and air channels. 2- Frame flipped upside down, resting on casting points & air channels on paper, being coated in a few layers of silicone to ensure full coverage on the bottom side once embedded. 3- Flipped back once cured, cutting off the paper where it got stuck to the air channels etc. 4- Placed in moulding shape, filled up with silicone. 5- Partially de-moulded (Lego removed), pouring the axle piece. 6- De-moulding, carefully cutting free the original. 7- Fully de-moulded! The original frame came apart when I had to use a bit of force to tear it off the wooden surface, but its job is done anyway, and I could easily repair it if necessary. The mould has suffered no damage.

On to testing it, to get a nice resin replica of the original prototype!

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