BJD Challenge: Your first doll

Posted on Feb 20, 2018

For the February @bjdchallenge:  “Your first doll”

Slightly older picture, but it’s probably the best I have of her. Ichigo, my Hujoo Berry. Been eyeing Ball Jointed Dolls for a few years, and while I nearly immediately jotted down a Unoa Lusis as my grail doll, getting one of those required some serious saving up. During that saving up, I ran into Hujoo’s “school girl Berry” and was smitten. She was sold out as fullset on every website, so Instead I started hunting for all the parts. In the process, she changed quite a bit: while her hair was still pink, the face-up I gave her still sweet & neutral and I managed to score a school girl outfit that fit her… Her hair was much shorter, her expression less shy and for her eyes I settled on a violet grey, instead of brown. The result was a slightly more wild, enthusiastic version of the little girl I adored so much. I still have her and love her dearly. And out of all my current dolls, Ichigo even is my partner’s favourite.

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