BJD wheelchair WIP: ready for moulding

Posted on Jan 26, 2018

Nearly all parts of the SD-sized BJD wheelchair are prepped and ready for moulding now! Only the wheels still need a layer of coating so they don’t get stuck to the silicone.

Final version will be cast in resin and spray-painted, with some parts (sliding parts & wheel handlebar) remaining made-to-size aluminium pipes. Model plywood for the foot rest, rubber wheels (no air) and the seating will be made out canvas (and cushioning).

Magnetic, adjustable foot rest and handles combined with various thickness of the seating pillows allow this chair to be suitable for a large range of dolls (between 55 and 70 cm, give or take. 60-68 would be ideal).

Note: To those familiar with wheelchairs the design probably looks a little out of proportion: This is because Ball Jointed Dolls typically have insanely long legs. Their ratio is hardly that of a normal human. It should fit most dolls just fine.

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