Welcome to my brain: To do list

Posted on Jan 2, 2018

New year, new to do list! Or actually, much of it is the same. First off, that SD-sized wheelchair and the werewolf-in-various-stages. Then, my fox dolls. And I also have some new family members to customize, such as The-Doll-Currently-Known-As-Blotch, two Monster Highs annnnd… 2 Aileendoll Plapico’s. As well as an Obitsu hybrid. None of which will be easy mods or paint jobs, because why ever do anything easy… I also still need to overhaul two of my old dolls (one face-up and one blush which both have gone smudge-y) and finally build my Renaissance girl her laboratory. And in between fix my website, be visible on various fora and social media, visit some fairs and so on and so forth. So all in all, my to do list basically consists out of working myself to death without actually dying.

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