BJD wheelchair WIP: progress

Posted on Oct 18, 2017



Been teetering at the brink of illness this past week and didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d hoped, but there’s SOME progress none the less:

-Made cardboard mock models (with poseable lower legs) according to the measurements of my client’s doll and the mediated measurements of other dolls in the 60-70 cm range.

-Drew a colour scheme of the biggest, smallest, average and client’s measurements, and drew up a real-sized blue print that should more or less fit all of those.

-Solved at least 7 new mechanical/casting issues that arose and made some decisions based on structural strength and (fairly) easy replication. Which basically means a lot of tossing and turning, long periods of intense staring at the paper and Sudden Realizations followed by hasty redraws.

I had hoped I could make the kit in such a way that assembling it would require no glue, that everything could just be slid, clicked or screwed in place, but it would be too difficult to cast and kind of weak. Especially the cross-shape in the middle, under the seat: This is where the frame gets most of its strength, so I can’t risk a flimsy attachment. So if people want to save money by buying it as a kit, they’ll have to tinker around a bit themselves, like you would with a model airplane. Fair enough, right?

(And yes, if you’re familiar with wheelchairs the design will probably look a bit off to you: This is because doll ratios aren’t human ratios. The entire thing is much longer and higher than a regular chair, because Ball Jointed Dolls tend to have insanely long legs.)

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