Epic Doll Fair 2017

Posted on Sep 19, 2017

Epic Doll fair was a great success! Small, but very well organised and with a lot of very enthusiastic people. Spoke with so many fans, sold a lot of stuff, and it may result in some new custom orders too! But as irony is the fuel of my life, nobody bought any of the sandwiches, new or old. And only some old macaroons, the new ones remained untouched… The new batch of pills was received very well though! And someone inquired about hamburgers after seeing the sandwiches? xD Cigarettes, cigars and joints were also very popular. Tsk tsk. I see now that I may have miscalculated- this generation of dolls doesn’t want any healthy or cutesy stuff. I should focus on junkfood and weapons instead! Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. :P

Speaking of which, an extra thanks to the person who almost tackled me right at the start of the convention and went off on a lovely little praise/monologue about how much they loved the fact that I carried more… let’s say “disputable” miniatures and said they came to the con just for that~ It’s that kind of support that keeps me going, dear! Honestly, you made my day =^.^= Also lots of thanks to everyone expressing their love for my fox dolls and my stuff in general- nothing makes me smile quite like seeing someone dragging a friend over to my stand with a lot of “Oh you gotta see this!” And an extra thank-you to one of my most loyal fans, Valinda, who navigated the tricky and ever-changing roads of Utrecht to give me a ride to the station so I wouldn’t have to drag my 50 kg bag (with a broken handle) into a bus.

Picture time! (almost) all of my stand:


The foods & technology section, hosted by Ichigo and Noa:


The… unhealthy section? xD Hosted by Jack O’Lantern:


The commission section, hosted by Neva & Ala (and blush-try-out Seraphim):


(Apologies for the rubbish picture quality- I only had my phone and it doesn’t like fluorescent lighting. I may add some pictures others took when they show up, after I get the photographer’s approval)

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