Upgrading doll-sized sandwiches

Posted on Aug 24, 2017

I’m upgrading my doll-sized sandwiches! The previous ones looked cute, but always seemed sort of clay-like, or like  fondant cake decorations or something. While I can probably not completely shake that effect (not without an insane amount of effort that would render the sandwiches way too expensive for most buyers, at least)… I CAN upgrade the realism at least a little bit with some tweaks here and there.

One of them being having the lettuce actually being semi-transparent. And since transparent clay looks very different after being baked, I can’t trust my eyes when mixing colours. Baking tests were needed.

Pictures: Before baking (left), after baking (right), the colour swatches I eventually landed on (after a second baking test, now that I had more accurate information to go on). Old sandwich in top corner.

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